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Featured Post on ATE

All About Annette..

My story:

"I'm gonna make it and make it online"

A statement I uttered several  years ago..  I found that the Internet was going to give me what my soul needed: freedom!  It is there that I took my passion, voice, heart and soul to a level I never would have imagined.  It is the Internet that gave me my dreams, goals, hope, and mission.  A voice.  My voice!  When you go through life with your back against the wall, and a host of rejection along the way, you find who you truly are, yourself and what you are made of.  I had to lose in order to find myself.  I did. My authentic self.
Where shall I begin...from the beginning

Being in the business of being a blogger has consistently been an incredible dream for me. No doubt it's not easy, but when I began several years ago to start one I knew I was onto something big! I coupled my educational degree which happens to be in management and marketing and I worked for a while as a business manager to get experience.
After the in…

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