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All About Annette..

My story:

"I'm gonna make it and make it online"

A statement I uttered several  years ago..  I found that the Internet was going to give me what my soul needed: freedom!  It is there that I took my passion, voice, heart and soul to a level I never would have imagined.  It is the Internet that gave me my dreams, goals, hope, and mission.  A voice.  My voice!  When you go through life with your back against the wall, and a host of rejection along the way, you find who you truly are, yourself and what you are made of.  I had to lose in order to find myself.  I did. My authentic self.
Where shall I begin...from the beginning

Being in the business of being a blogger has consistently been an incredible dream for me. No doubt it's not easy, but when I began several years ago to start one I knew I was onto something big! I coupled my educational degree which happens to be in management and marketing and I worked for a while as a business manager to get experience.
After the in…

Bruce McCandless's pioneering spacewalk 'quite comfortable'

Conductor Charles Dutoit denies 'forced physical contact' claims

Bruce McCandless, who made first untethered space flight, dies at 80

Miss America CEO suspended over 'inappropriate' leaked emails

Mysterious lights over LA baffle onlookers

Canine cannabis

California Thomas fire becomes largest in state's history

A town called Santa Claus

The science of slipping

San Francisco: Man arrested over Christmas terror plan

Trump's ambassador to Netherlands in 'fake news' blunder

Emails show Miss America CEO mocked and shamed contestants

Raccoon 'dragged US baby across room' in Philadelphia attack

Barry and Honey Sherman: Thousands mourn Canadian billionaires

US-Mexico border bridegroom smuggled heroin

US Congress averts federal government shutdown for another month

Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss recorded in virtual reality

Opioid crisis linked to two-year drop in US life expectancy

Dick Enberg, award-winning US sports broadcaster, dies at 82

Eric Schmidt steps down as boss of Google owner

Should Americans say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Festive firearms

Slender Man stabbing: Girl gets 25 years in mental hospital

Father 'famous' for Christmas lights dies fixing display

Canada TV personality Steve Ecklund shoots cougar, sparking backlash

Jerusalem: UN resolution rejects Trump's declaration

Florida fraternity engaged in 'conspiracy' in student's death

Kaci Sullivan: 'I gave birth as both genders'

Memphis defies state ban to remove two Confederate statues

Khloe Kardashian confirms she is pregnant with her first child

Nelly accuser sues rapper for defamation

Apple's iPhones slowed to tackle ageing batteries

Mind of a killer

AT&T to pay $1,000 bonus due to tax cuts

Catt Sadler: US TV host quits over equal pay dispute

Trudeau's tropical vacation broke rules, says ethics czar

Jerusalem UN vote: Trump threatens US aid recipients

Virginia Democrat Shelly Simonds wins recount by one vote

Lady Gaga announces two-year Las Vegas residency

Republican tax bill is 'government for sale', say Democrats

US man sentenced for plot to behead right-wing blogger

Virginia Democrat Shelly Simonds 'takes seat by one vote'

Longest-frozen embryo born after 24 years

Canine killers

YouTube prankster admits killing boyfriend in stunt gone awry

US 'will be taking names' during UN vote on Jerusalem

US lifts ban on lethal virus experiments despite security risks

Elon Musk accidently tweets his private phone number

Disgraced US cardinal Bernard Law dies in Rome

Derailed US train lacked automatic safety system

Canada and US set up talks on North Korea for January

Inside 'the bunker'

US tax bill: The winners and losers

US tax bill: Winners and losers

Virginia woman mauled to death by her dogs, police say

Canada spends as much on marijuana as wine

What is in Republican tax plan?

Harvey Weinstein: Ex-assistant criticises gagging orders

Mexico bus crash: 11 tourists killed

Canada couple separated after 70 years due to lack of care facilities

US Green Party's Jill Stein targeted in Russia inquiry

Republican tax bill: House and Senate to hold final votes

Disney's President Donald Trump robot gets mocked

Sea of troubles

China condemns US 'Cold War mentality' on national security

Serena Williams asks fans for help over baby's teething

White House to 'temporarily' shut petition website

US sprinter's coach and agent probed

HR McMaster weighs in on North Korea nuclear threat

Cyber-Attack: US blames North Korea for WannaCry

Sarah Palin's son charged with domestic assault of father

Matthew Petersen: Test-flunking Trump judge nominee withdraws

Amtrak Washington train crash: Aerial footage of the scene

US thief robs shop using golf club

Mother and three children found dead in New York house fire

Trump touts 'America First' national security strategy

ESPN president John Skipper resigns citing substance addiction

Train carriage falls on US highway

Jay-Z halts show for fan who survived cancer

Delight as power restored in Atlanta

Bitcoin trading starts on the huge CME exchange

Jay-Z brings cancer survivor on stage

Indonesia recaptures US citizen after Bali prison break

Russia inquiry: Trump denies he plans to fire Robert Mueller

Barry Sherman: Murder unit to probe Canadian mystery deaths

Capturing East Harlem

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport power cut grounds flights

Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes $450m on opening weekend

CIA 'helped stop Russia terror attack'

Christmas across US Mexico border

Barry Sherman: Family disputes reports on mystery double death in Canada

Trump Russia probe: Mueller has 'thousands' of transition team emails

Taking two million photos of Obama