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It’s Time to Learn More About Your Loved Ones

It’s Time to Learn More About Your Loved Ones
(Family Features) With days of family picnics, vacations and reunions in the rearview mirror, it’s easy to move full steam ahead into the busy fall season and forget to make time for meaningful conversations with family members.
You may think you know your relatives well, but having meaningful, intergenerational conversations and asking questions about what matters most to them can deepen your relationships. Taking time to get to know your loved ones better can allow you to walk away from these conversations with memories and stories to cherish forever.
If you’re unsure where to begin, the Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) created the “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” initiative, which offers families the resources to facilitate conversations that can be remembered for years to come. Having these conversations can be difficult and hard to start, but the Have a Talk of a Lifetime Workbook takes away some of the stress and guides…

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