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Annette Thomas Press Release 2018

One woman Internet show changing the business world! Can the Internet handle such amazing talent!!Annette Thomas, an Internet brand, expands its ventures into the entertainment and e-commerce markets.· Company expansion in the Internet space will be to capture some of the book, publishing, and e-commerce markets.· Expansion into the entertainment space is coming by way of The Digital Vibe, a podcast that has been expanding its audience to worldwide markets.ATE has been growing under the leadership of Annette Thomas, an Internet entrepreneur, who started out as an affiliate marketer several years ago with the intention to grow into her own brands and make a name for herself.The expansion of Annette Thomas into the e-commerce arena has been a viable, strategic, and profitable move for its brand, Brand Shopping, that has become an “ecosystem” of brands. The tagline “shop the brands you know” includes not only products and services of BSN, but it …

What I discovered as a solo female traveller in India

I wasn’t prepared for the variety of reactions I received when I told people I was going to India alone as a young female. Choruses of ‘be careful’ were sung and I was labelled as both ‘brave’ and ‘naive’.

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