4-Piece Set: Anti-Skid Knit Socks for Pets


* Cute, Comfortable Soft and Hot Socks, Perfect Choice for Your Cute Pet
  • Perfect for keeping your pet’s paws warm in the cold,
  • Protects the wood floors from scratches, protects the paws after injury or surgery.
  • Their free-skid pads also prevent dogs from running on slippery floors.
  • Colors are randomly selected
  • Material: Cotton

(Sock Width x Sock Length x Feet Width)

  • S: 2.5cm/1″ × 6cm/2.36″ × 3cm/1.18"
  • M: 3cm/1.18″ × 7.5cm/2.95″ × 3.5cm/1.38"
  • L: 3.5cm/1.38″ × 9cm/3.54″ × 4cm/1.57"
  • XL: 4cm/1.57″ × 11cm/4.33″ × 4.5cm/1.77"

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