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Advertise on my affiliated profile with one of the largest adverting and marketing blogs/websites on the web!

Your ad would be visible to millions and you ad will be seen on a page that has no other banner or text ads.
Your ad will be the sole ad on the page so this will allow your ad to stand out and be seen.
See profile Here.

Cost per campaign:

All campaigns are $7500.00 per month.
Limited to only 2 at this time.
B2B would be the best target market

See stats for website Here. Updated in real time on a daily basis.
Price per 1000 page views is $3.00 CPM.

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**You can cancel at anytime**

*General Rate/Setup Policy*
• Publisher reserves the right to hold the advertising agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for payments due the publisher.
In the event that an advertiser has not paid . The advertiser is fully responsible for paying all invoices due the publisher.
• Advertising rates, terms and conditions set forth in this rate card shall govern all transactions and supersede any other information published in
previous rate cards, directories, media guides or rate and data services. Uniform rates apply to all advertisers at all times.
• Neither the advertiser nor its agency, or representative may cancel advertising after the campaign at any time during the campaign
• The publisher shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of any issue due to strikes 
work stoppages, accidents, fires, acts of God, or any circumstance not within the control of the publisher.
They’re no guarantees made to the success or failure of the campaign once campaign is distributed
*Ad will remain as long as profile remains online

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