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It’s Time to Learn More About Your Loved Ones

It’s Time to Learn More About Your Loved Ones
(Family Features) With days of family picnics, vacations and reunions in the rearview mirror, it’s easy to move full steam ahead into the busy fall season and forget to make time for meaningful conversations with family members.
You may think you know your relatives well, but having meaningful, intergenerational conversations and asking questions about what matters most to them can deepen your relationships. Taking time to get to know your loved ones better can allow you to walk away from these conversations with memories and stories to cherish forever.
If you’re unsure where to begin, the Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) created the “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” initiative, which offers families the resources to facilitate conversations that can be remembered for years to come. Having these conversations can be difficult and hard to start, but the Have a Talk of a Lifetime Workbook takes away some of the stress and guides…

ATE Press Release

One woman Internet show changing the business world! Can the Internet handle such amazing talent!!

Annette Thomas, an Internet brand, expands its ventures into the entertainment and e-commerce markets.

· Company expansion in the Internet space will be to capture some of the book, publishing, and e-commerce markets.
· Expansion into the entertainment space is coming by way of The Digital Vibe, a podcast that has been expanding its audience to worldwide markets.
ATE has been growing under the leadership of Annette Thomas, an Internet entrepreneur, who started out as an affiliate marketer several years ago with the intention to grow into her own brands and make a name for herself.
The expansion of Annette Thomas into the e-commerce arena has been a viable, strategic, and profitable move for its brand, Brand Shopping, that has become an ecosystem” of brands. The tagline shop the brands you know” includes not only products and services of BSN, but it includes relationships with numerous affiliated partnerships with other well known online retailers who have already achieved not only its market share but a reputation and a position well known by its customers. With brands like,,,, Service-oriented Internet brands like,,and are also a part of the ecosystem.
The benefits:
· The expansion of the BSN brand to offer products like collections on BSN Collectibles, a sub-brand of BSN that offers vintage and hard to find books, sports cards, and other memorabilia.
· The reputation of Brand Shopping Network has increased as it has become part of the “ecosystem” of brands it helped to create.
· The opportunities that have opened and allowed BSN to increase its profitability and revenue.
The other brand that is a major part of ATE brand is its podcast, The Digital Vibe.  The Digital Vibe is as its tagline states, “an entertaining podcast in a variety show.” The podcast features its creator and founder, Annette Thomas, in a series of business and entertainment related podcast that its listeners have come to expect from an expert in business on the web.  
The podcast features topics like “brand talking” which is a show that features not only its brand's offerings but the affiliated partnerships who have grown to become part of its brand, Brand Shopping This has given benefit to online retailers who get “free” exposure from this relationship giving customers more opportunity to get to know their brands and turn that exposure into sales. It also has a variety show that features storytelling and other innovative and creative approaches.
Commenting on the success of the expansion, Annette Thomas, CEO and Founder said, “it’s the partnerships with other brands that have given my brands a strong Internet presence and has allowed my brands to become larger they were when I started out several years ago as an affiliate marketer.” “ I have spent the better part of my entrepreneurial life educating myself on what the business of the Internet is all about and taking that learned knowledge and turning it into something special and to create a livelihood for myself and achieve some things along the way.”
A statement I uttered several years ago, “I found that the Internet was going to give me what my soul needed: freedom; It is there that I took my passion, voice, heart, and soul to another level of learning. I would never have imagined I would be able to have accomplished the many things that I have.” ”It’s the Internet that that has brought to life my dreams, goals, hope, and mission.  A voice.  My voice!  When you go through life with your back against the wall, and a host of rejection along the way, you find who you truly are, yourself and what you are made of. I had to lose in order to find myself.I did. My authentic self.”
About Annette Thomas
Annette Thomas is a portfolio of brands that includes ATE, Brand Shopping, and The Digital,a portfolio of brands.”
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