Why are GIA diamond prices always high?

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America, which produces high-quality diamonds known as GIA diamonds. You can call these diamonds that they belong from the elite class of diamond. It is one of the reasons that why GIA diamond price is always high.

From the mines to the finishing process, people who work on them make the art piece. The GIA diamond price also depends on its size and weight, but even if you buy the smallest piece of this elite class diamond, it will be super expensive.

Reasons why GIA diamonds prices are high always

Here are the reasons that will help you to understand that why GIA diamond price is always high as compared to other diamonds:

1. They are Perfectly cut with excellent shapes

You might be able to spot an error in any other diamond cut, but there is no way you will find a tiny detail that doesn’t match the standard of a GIA diamond. One of the most important reasons why GIA diamond prices are always high is its shape.

The GIA diamonds are known for their 4C’s, which means cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. If the GIA diamond passes all these assessments, then it becomes a part of the market. You won’t point a single error in the GIA diamond because only experienced people work on such elite pieces. They leave no stone turned for making every single GIA diamond a piece of art.

2. They are indeed rare diamonds

GIA diamonds are rare because not all diamonds match up to the standards of GIA grading. If a diamond has got the GIA grading approved, a report that means it doubles the value of the diamond.

A GIA diamond-approved diamond will be so much more expensive than the one that has got the approval from EGL USA. Even if you are going to sell a GIA diamond, the price you get will be quite higher than the EGL USA graded diamond.

3. Higher grading standards are maintained in these dimaonds

Like we said above that the grading standards of GIA are so much higher than the EGL USA. After getting mine, a diamond goes through different phases and step before it becomes an expensive piece of art. When a diamond reaches in their last step, they go through the grading process.

It must have the 4C’s if you want the diamond to get the GIA-approved diamond report. The grading standards of GIA are much higher than the UGL USA. They don’t allow a single error in the diamond, which is one reason why GIA diamonds are rare. Its rarity makes them more expensive. 

The final word:

Well, a GIA diamond will have its grace, and the size is going to be so much extraordinary because of its perfectly cut surfaces. The price of this diamond is going to be much more than other diamonds, and now you know the reason why.

So, if you are looking for quality diamonds you can select GIA diamonds but their prices will be high.